Burglar Alarm Offers

So you are looking for a security alarm system, but a bit confused about what’s what and where to start? Ok I will try and explain briefly the parts of a burglar alarm system.


Firstly you have the main control panel this will usually be in a cupboard or out of sight, but on some of the new wireless systems it may be on show; this box is where all the wires go to and where the system gets its electric from. The next part is the keypad this has all the numbers on it and is where you arm and disarm the alarm from; this will be near the door you will exit from. Next you have all the bits that the wires go to ie the door contacts for the doors and windows to let the alarm know what’s open or closed, you also have the movement sensors, these are the boxes in the corners of the room that sense movement and then you have the bells that make the noise when the alarm activates.


Older houses and some brand new houses still use “wired” systems and these are very good due to the minimal annual costs involved, Invicta Security Ltd can install or upgrade one of these systems very easily, using hidden wiring techniques so you do not see many of the cables if any! Please contact us for a site visit to discuss the options available.


If you have a lifestyle where you rent /move home regularly or if a Burglar Alarm system was an afterthought during a renovation then more than likely you will need a wireless system. The principal is the same as a wired one but they are wireless!

The benefits of a wireless system are you can take it with you if you move home there is minimum disruption during installation and you can add and upgrade the system very easily. The down sides are they usually have a higher initial install cost and you have to have the system maintained on an annual basis to replace the batteries.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Offer

The Enforcer 32 App panel is a wireless system that includes a 32 wireless and 34 wired input control panel accompanied with a large variety of wireless accessories. The Enforcer uses the Pyronix two way wireless technology, designed to ensure high security protection for users. 868MHz Transceiver FM technology Open Space Range (1.6km)

• 4 independent areas

• 32 wireless inputs

• 75 user codes

• 750 event log with time and date

• Remote control via smart phone Apps


 Invicta Security Ltd can install this wireless alarm panel including;


1 X Wireless Door Contact transmitter


2 X Wireless PET Detectors


1 X 1st years mobile phone app connection (notifications sent via your internet router)


1 X Invicta Security Ltd Wireless outside Bell


1 X SSAIB Certificate


1 X One Days Labour to Install and demo


All for £550.00 Inc. VAT


 Please note; you will own and will not just be renting all the equipment once it has been paid for.


Additional sensors can be added on the day at additional cost, and a unswitched 3 Amp fused spur will be required at no cost to Invicta Security Ltd, please call to arrange a no obligation quotation

A Invicta Security External Sounder
A Pyronix Wireless PET Detector
A Pyronix Wired Remote Keypad